Q.  What is needed to attach a digital camera to a spotting scope?
Accessories may vary depending on the model spotting scope. Please download our Spotting Scopes Catalog for digiscoping charts on pages 22-23. To view all of our digiscoping accessories, please click here.
Q.  Is it possible to attach a video camera to a spotting scope?
Yes, it is possible to attach a video camera to a spotting scope in the same way as a digital camera.
Q.  Can I connect my phone to my spotting scope or binoculars?
Yes, Kowa manufactures phone adapters compatible with specific Apple and Samsung smart phones.
Q.  Which spotting scopes can be used for digiscoping?
The spotting scopes listed below can be used for digiscoping.
* Note: Other manufacturers spotting scopes can not be used.
・TSN-880 (φ88mm) Series
・TSN-770 (φ77mm) Series
・TSN-820M/TSN-820 (φ82mm) Series
・TSN-1,2,3,4 (φ77mm) Series
・TSN-660M (φ66mm)Series
・TSN-600 (φ60mm)Series
・TS-610 (φ60mm)Series
Q.  What is the focal length of the digiscoping system?
The focal length of a digiscoping system can be found using the following equation:
Focal Length = Focal Length of the Digital Camera x Magnification of the Eyepiece
Q.  What is the collimation method?
The method of taking photographs through a digital camera that is attached to the eyepiece of a spotting scope is called the collimation menthod. Collimate means the aligning of the optical axis of the optical system.
Usually, we look through a telescope/spotting scope through the eyepiece with our eye. When the human eye is replaced by a digital camera to look through the eyepiece to take a photograph, it is called the collimation method.
Q.  Which camera brands can I use with my Kowa spotting scope?
Kowa manufactures T-rings/camera mounts with the following brands: Canon, Micro Four Thirds mounts, Nikon, Pentax K, Sony "A".