Kowa Digiscoping with the New iPhone SE

Kowa Digiscoping with the New iPhone SE
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Wednesday 6th April 2016

The release of the latest iPhone is great news for digiscopers.

Recent trends in Smart Phones have seen much bigger handsets. Great if you’re obsessed with taking selfies, not so great if you want to digiscope! With the introduction of the iPhone SE, Apple have crammed all their latest iPhone camera technology in to a smaller 4” screen model.
As a digiscoper, not only do you want ultra telephoto power, but you want a system that is compact, high quality and most importantly- easy to use.
The iPhone SE is certainly compact and easily fits in your pocket. It’s brimming with the latest camera technology - with a 12 million pixel image sensor, 4K video and slow motion recording - it’s specification is bitting at the heels of some high end DSLR cameras. Print up to A3 with amazing detail and sharpness or watch stunning 4K videos on your big screen.

Kowa are delighted to announce that their existing TSN-IP5 iPhone digiscope adapter is ready to accept this new compact iPhone SE so you can take advantage of this technology immediately.

The new iPhone SE fits perfectly with the Kowa TSN-IP5 digiscoping adapter

Ultra compact, telephoto power

the new iPhone SE attached to the fluorite crystal Kowa TSN-884 - A formidable digiscoping system
Kowa is the only manufacturer to use the mineral pure fluortie crystal in the production of their spotting scope objective lenses. Pure fluorite crystal delivers simply THE best viewing experience available today. Combine this optical quality with the new compact iPhone SE for un-rivaled telephoto power to achieve results equal and even surpassing high end DSLR body and lens combinations.

Capture the detail
Even in low light - the combination of Kowa optics and the iPhone SE produces amazing results with ease

And now with the new Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6x extender - you can achieve optical zooms of 96x magnification working with our TE-11WZ (=25-60x WA zoom eyepiece) - Even greater if you combine extenders.

Kowa Extender
The Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6x extender sits discretely on the Kowa 880 series scope body -
making this one of the most compact and powerful spotting scope systems available. 
The extender also works on Kowa 770 series spotting scopes.

The Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6 extender works perfectly with the Kowa pure fluorite crystal telephoto lens
when used in conjunction with the Kowa
TP-88EC1 Prism Unit and compatiable eyepiece.

The ultra compact Kowa iPhone SE digiscoping system - pointing towards the subject matter (top left)

With the Kowa TE-11WZ 25-60x wide angle zoom eyepiece set at full 60x optical zoom -
the combination of a Kowa pure fluorite crystal spotting scope and the new iPhone SE,
captures stunning detail even in tough low light conditions.

From the same spot, with the addition of the Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6 extender - the optical zoom is increased to an
incredible 96x zoom with virtually no loss of light or resolution, to reveal a new level of detail.
If you’ve never taken Smart phone digiscoping seriously - this could be the time to do so. It's so easy to achieve amazing telephoto images. No more carrying heavy complicated camera gear along with your spotting scope - just pop your iPhone in your pocket and you are good to go. Plus with a wealth of free camera and image manipulation APPs available - take your images to new levels then quickly share them to friends and colleagues.
The Kowa iPhone digiscoping system offers the ultimate in image quality along with unprecedented levels of telephoto power and portability.
For Kowa smart phone compatibily information across the full range of Kowa optical products please follow the links below to download a PDF.

See original post here: http://www.kowaproducts.com/about/news/company-news/Kowa-Digiscoping-with-the-New-iPhoneSE/